Valve Seat and Valve Guide Machining Tool
alankar Valve Seat and Valve Guide Machining Tool is designed for reaming of Valve Guide Hole and machining of Valve Seat Angle simultaneously for engine cylinder head. This tool is an assembly of Basic holder with required shank, Valve Guide Reamer and CBN or CARBIDE special tools.

Solid carbide Reamer is with special geometry developed for valve guide hole reaming to give better finish, and hole quality. Tool holder is having arrangement to set runout of reamer diameter at front and rear also. This runout setting at front and rear end of reamer aligns reamer axis with shank axis for most higher quality of Valve Guide Hole.

• More concentricity of Valve seat and Valve guide.

• Cycle Time saving.

• Better surface finish.

• Increase in tool life.

• Reduction in tool cost per component.

• Improvement in overall Quality.

• Improvement in productivity.